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How do I set up a pre-authorized email address?

If you want to transfer a large number of domain names that have the same Administrative contact into Fabulous, we recommend that you first create one transfer request and pre-authorize the requesting Fabulous WHOIS email address, so that the rest of the transfers don't require email approval.

To set up a pre-authorization, please follow the steps below:

  1. Initiate a domain name transfer request.
    • As a part of the transfer initiation process, you must select a WHOIS profile for the incoming domain name. The details of the Administrative contact you select will be included in the Domain Transfer Authorization Request email Fabulous sends to the current WHOIS Administrative contact for the domain name.
  2. When the current Administrative contact receives the Domain Transfer Authorization Request email, they need to click on the "Auto Authorize" button at the bottom of the table.
  3. For the following 30 days, any transfer requests you initiate for domain names with the sale requesting and approving Administrative contact will be automatically authorized, without the need for email approval.

Please note: You will still need to unlock the domain names and provide the correct Authorization code in order to initiate transfer, and you may still be required to approve the request with the losing registrar.