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How do I modify my Related Keywords?

You can change your target keyword by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Traffic Control" page in the "Portfolio" area of your account.
  2. Locate the domain you wish to modify, using the filters in the search tool if necessary.
  3. Click on the "Edit" button corresponding to the domain name and a pop-up window will launch.
  4. If the domain name is on a Premium redirection, there will be a set of traffic options titled "Premium Options" available.
  5. In this section, enter your desired word/phrase into the "Related Keywords" text box.
    • Related Keyword can be entered one per line, or as a block of text with each keyword separated by a comma with no spaces.
  6. Click the "Update" button to save your changes.
  7. Your related keywords will be sent to Customer Care for approval.
  8. You will be notified by email when they are approved or declined.
  • To view your changes, close the pop-up window and click the "Test" button corresponding to the domain you have changed.