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How do I edit a custom Fabulous+ Lander?

When a domain name is set to a Fabulous+ lander redirection, a "Fabulous+ Customize" button will appear in the "Design" column in the "Traffic Control" page of your account.

To customize the lander for a particular domain follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Traffic Control" page within the "Portfolio" area of your account.
  2. Locate the domain you wish to customize, using the filters in the search tool if necessary.
  3. Click the "Fabulous+ Customize" button corresponding to the domain.
  4. The Fabulous+ Editor window will launch.
  5. Select a layout, color scheme and relevant images.
    • Hint: Hover your cursor over the question marks for more information.
  6. Click the "Publish Site" button to set your changes live.
  7. Click the "Exit Editor" button when you are finished.

Your new page design will be live within a few minutes.