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Setting Fabulous+ Redirections

Any domains previously set to "Premium" in the 5.0 program will automatically be migrated to Fabulous+. These domains will be set to "Auto Optimize" and can be edited at a later date if required.

Alternatively, talk to a Fabulous.com Account Manager who can assist with portfolio enquires.

To update a group of domains, please follow the steps below:
Bulk tool

1. Click on the “Bulk Tool” link, located in the “Portfolio" section
2. Enter a list of domains.
3. Select the “Redirection” check box
4. From the drop down menu select Premium > Fabulous+ Lander
5. Select the “Design” checkbox and choose one of the options (see section “Types of Fabulous+ Redirection”)
6. Click the “Continue” button
Note. If a design is not selected, Auto Optimize is used as a default

Traffic Control Filters

1. Click on the “Portfolio” link
2. Using the filters, create a list of domains to update
3. Click the “Modify ALL these Domains
4. Follow Steps 3-6 above

To update individual domains

1. Select the “Portfolio” menu option
2. Select a particular domain
3. Click on the “Edit” button
4. Follow Steps 3-6 above