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Types of Fabulous+ Redirection

There are a number of different methods by which templates/configurations can be applied to a domain.

Custom templates can be created via the Template Manager and applied across multiple domains. The Template Manager is accessed from the main navigation menu (see Template Manager)

There are also a number of pre built options available.

Auto Optimize

This option will randomly cycle through every possible combination of layout and color scheme.

Domains that are set to the Auto Optimize redirection, will have additional Stats available for displaying performance of Layouts and Color schemes.

To view relevant stats for a particular domain using the Auto Optimize redirection, please follow the steps below:
1. Select the “Portfolio” menu option
2. Locate the particular domain
3. Select “Stats”
4. A popup will load with relevant information

Choose random

Fabulous+ will randomly choose a layout and color scheme combination and assign it to the domain, this option will not cycle and will stay on this randomly generation configuration.


Customize allows the manual configuration of layout, color scheme and image selection for a particular domain(s).

This option is accessible via the "Fabulous+ Custom Edit" button corresponding to each domain configured to the Fabulous+ program.

Setting a custom design will override any of the other options, including template setting that may be applied to the specific domain.

Note. If no relevant images are available, please contact your Account rep or monetization@fabulous.com to request suitable images.