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Fabulous+ Interactive Editor

The interactive editor provides a \"real time preview\" engine for configuring Fabulous+ page templates.

Templates may be configured with pre-built Layouts, color schemes as well as searching and selecting relevant images from the image library.

Clicking on any of the master headings \"Layout\", \"Color\" and \"Images\" will reveal the relevant options.

Selecting any of the 14 Layouts or 24 Color schemes will instantly update the preview pane with your selection.

Image selection is performed by entering search phrases in to the provided search field. Adding images to a template is achieved by simply dragging the image into the preview pane and placing it over one of the allocated spaces.

Fabulous+ will instantly crop and place the image into the template.

Configuration changes made with the interactive Editor will be applied to live domains within 1-2 minutes.

Please note that any changes made to one of your custom templates will affect every domain that the template has been assigned to.