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Template Manager

The template manager provides the facility to build and store page templates/configurations. These templates are then able to be applied across multiple domains.

To create Templates to use across multiple domains, follow these steps:

1. Select “Template Manager” from the “Portfolio” section
2. Create a Template name, Select “Create”
3. Template will now appear in "My Templates"
4. Select "Edit" to begin creating your template in the Fabulous+ editor
5. Once complete, select “Save Template”

Note: any changes made to a custom template will affect all the domains that particular template has been assigned to.


1. Select “Template Manager”
2. Click “Delete” for the Template you would like to delete
If no domains are using this template it will be deleted automatically. If any domains are currently using this template, you will need to re-assign these domains to another template
3. In the subsequent “Template Alteration" page select the template you would like to assign to these domains
4. Click the “Confirm” button to set these changes

Applying your Templates
When your Templates have been created you are able to apply them to your domain(s) via Traffic Control

Your templates will be available in the "Design" drop down in the configuration page, launched from either the Bulk Tool, Modify All Domains or individual domain "Edit"