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What is an Authinfo Code?

An Authinfo code is a unique code which is used to authorize a registrar to begin proceedings to transfer a domain name.

When you unlock a domain name in preparation for transfer you must obtain this code. At Fabulous, when you remove the Registrar-Lock from a domain you have the option of using a randomly generated, unique Authinfo code, or you can enter your own.

When you initiate a transfer request, you will need to supply this Authinfo code to the gaining registrar for the domain transfer to be successful.

The Authinfo code is also commonly referred to as a transfer secret, transfer key, an authorization code, authority code or EPP code.

Please note: Authinfo codes are now required to contain:

  1. A number.
  2. A symbol.
  3. An uppercase letter.
  4. A lowercase letter.
  5. And must be between 8 and 16 characters long.