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Domain Generator

The Domain Generator is a tool that allows you to create domain names based on combinations of up to three separate words and phrases.

To use the Domain Generator:

  1. Enter as many words as you like (one word per line) in at least two of the fields marked 'Word'. Alternatively you can choose generic words from the drop down menus; this will fill the empty fields below with a selection of related words.
    • For instance if you want to create sporting goods domain names, you could enter terms such as boxing, hockey, and football in the first field, terms such as equipment, gear, and uniforms in the second field, and terms such as cheap, store and online in the third field.
  2. Choose the domain suffixes you would like to search for (.com, .net, .info or .org) and whether you want to generate domains with hyphens between the words.
  3. Click the "Search" button to display the results in the browser window, or click the Download button to save a .csv file to your compute (You can import the .csv file into MS Excel or other similar spreadsheet programs to view.)

Please note: Depending on the options you have selected when you clicked "Search" the results may take a long time to generate as all possible combinations of the terms you have entered are being calculated.